Recent Before & After Photos

Area & Throw Rugs

This Magnolia area home experienced an air conditioning pan backing up and overflowing in the attic causing water, insulation, and ceiling materials to come cra... READ MORE

Mold Mayhem

This Lake Livingston area vacation Lake House had a water leak that went undetected for an unknown length of time.  When the home owners thought they were ... READ MORE

Wet Hallways can be dangerous

This building located in The Woodlands, Texas experienced a small water loss from a sink accidentally being left on.  When it comes to public access areas,... READ MORE

The Power of Water Extraction

This Willis/ Lake Conroe Area home flooded due to a hot water heater leak.  The leak was fast and abrupt flooding the entire home quickly.  Luckily, t... READ MORE

Hidden Water

Water is known to be a buildings worst enemy because water will travel to places we cannot see it.  The supply line to the toilet leaked overnight in this ... READ MORE

Bat Poop Infestation in Drop Ceiling

Animals can cause havoc when they get inside homes and buildings; this commercial building in Cleveland had an infestation of bats in their drop ceiling space.&... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling

This Lake Conroe Area home had a hot water heater leak in the attic.  The homeowner’s were not home at the time of the leak and the water dripped thr... READ MORE

Soot, Ash and Debris

Even a small fire that is contained to one small area can affect your entire home.  Soot, ash, and debris can travel through your home’s heating and ... READ MORE

Attention to detail in this kitchen fire in the Cleveland Area

Even a small kitchen fire in your home can be devastating.  At SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland our highly trained and skilled Fire Restora... READ MORE

HVAC & Duct Cleaning in Lake Conroe Area Home

SERVPRO of Lake Conroe Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Technicians were able to restore this home’s 12 year old duct work that had never bee... READ MORE