Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

When Mold Takes Over

A slow water leak went undetected under the kitchen sink for an unknown length of time. And while the water leak went unnoticed, mold began to take over the ki... READ MORE

Unattended AC Leak

This Lake Conroe area home experienced a leak in the AC unit located in the attic. Given the just the right conditions mold can grow very rapidly. The high hu... READ MORE

Undiscovered Growth

This municipal building in The Woodlands was experiencing a slow pipe leak and it went undiscovered for quite some time. As soon as the odor and signs of visib... READ MORE

Lurking Behind the Wainscoting

This Resort on the Lake experienced a water loss from a pipe leak. Originally, the maintenance crew thought only the carpet was wet. They quickly went to work... READ MORE

Leaky Window

This commercial building located in The Woodlands had a window sill leak and each time it would rain the employees began smelling a musty odor. The business ow... READ MORE

Mold Mayhem

This Lake Livingston area vacation Lake House had a water leak that went undetected for an unknown length of time. When the home owners thought they were going... READ MORE