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water damage to a bathroom

What if this was your office?

Was your business able to recover quickly from the hurricane?  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland was able to work with this Huntsville area business to keep business running at full capacity even during the demo and Water Restoration phase. 

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servpro equipment down an office hallway

Business Interruption Days = 0

When disaster strikes and a business closes or production has to come to an immediate stop, it can be financially devastating for a company.  This Montgomery business had a pipe break over night and the water flooded over 90 percent of the building’s total square footage.  With the quick response, the superior knowledge of SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Technicians and the communication and action plan set up with the building manager, this business did not have to skip a beat! 

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fire extinguisher foam on a table and chairs

Vandalism with a Fire Extinguisher

This Montgomery Commercial building was vandalized during the night. The intruders sprayed a layer of Fire Extinguisher foam all over the building.  Fortunately nothing was stolen or damaged during the break in, but a big mess was left behind.  Our Professional Technicians had the building and all of its contents cleaned up in no time.     

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feces on bathroom tile

Sewer Main Backup

This commercial building in Huntsville had the unfortunate experience of a sewer main backup into their building.  With any type of flood or sewer water intrusion the health and safety for all involved is our number one priority.  The damage was discovered after hours and thanks to the quick response of the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland we were able to get this business back up and running in no time! 

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servpro fans set up in a carpeted hallway

Overnight Water Damage

When commercial buildings are left unattended over night and a water loss occurs, the damage can be significant.  This Cleveland area church experienced a pipe break at some point in the night.  The water was not discovered until the next morning, and by that time the water had traveled throughout the entire building.  Large square foot buildings are not a challenge for Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland.  We have the Professional Technicians and equipment to handle any size job. 

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SERVPRO of Lake Conroe Magnolia and Cleveland truck in front of apartment building

No job is too big or too small

There is no job too small or too big for SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland.  Our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle commercial buildings and the complexity that commercial damages can bring to the table.  Our technicians and professional drying equipment are available 24 hours a day for your residential and commercial Restoration needs. 

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