Storm Damage Photo Gallery

exposed walls

Contaminated Flood Water

Rising Flood water is considered to be contaminated water because the water travels through septic systems, fertilized yards, and building materials.  Rising flood waters entered this home during hurricane Harvey and all porous materials were removed from the home to ensure the homeowners health and safety. 

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mold on insulation and mold on wall

Hurricane Harvey's aftermath

It has been 10 weeks since Hurricane Harvey slammed into the gulf coast. Here at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland, we are still working around the clock to help restore Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.  As life returns to normal, for many they are faced with the reality that water is the home’s worst enemy.  This Conroe area homeowner thought nothing of the small amount of water that entered the entry way to his home and 10 weeks later he has discovered mold growth inside his walls.  We are here to answer any of your Post-Harvey questions call our office at 936-441-8850 

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flood in home

Water Level on the Rise in Lake Conroe

During a recent storm flood waters contaminated with fertilizer and debris came rushing into this Lake Conroe area home located on a golf course.  From the exterior the water level is visible showing just how much water intrusion this home experienced.  Natural flood waters can be extremely dangerous due to the high levels of contaminates and bacteria.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland is here to help, rain or shine. 

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pot collecting water from a leaky roof

Roof Leak during a Storm

Pots and pans are designed for cooking, not collecting rain water!  This Lake Conroe area home had a tree limb puncture a hole in the roof during the middle of a summer storm causing water, ceiling, and insulation to come pouring down!   

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boarded up window

Emergency Tarp & Board Up Services

This commercial building needed to be boarded up during the middle of the night when high winds sent debris and materials through the glass store front.  Not only did our emergency board up serve as a weather protector from the elements of the storm but it also helped secure the building for the night. 

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corner of a flooded room

Storm Causes Multiple Water Intrusions

When the ground is already heavily saturated from previous storms the chance of your home flooding increases significantly.  This Lake Conroe home suffered multiple water intrusions when the rain storms rolled in one after another. Water extraction was performed by SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s trained Storm Teams.  When a storm or disaster hits the Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland areas our Storm Teams are ready to respond!

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